Monday, July 6, 2009

Green Snow Job

Green Snow JobRecently, a position for a “sales associate” was advertised at with the introduction, “Play a key role in kick-starting the solar industry!”

The required qualifications are (verbatim):

  • World class communication and customer service skills and experience
  • Strong math and computer skills
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office
  • High level of initiative and history of accomplishment
  • Dependable, able to commit to 40 hours per week (M-F)

There are about a dozen responsibilities listed. It is clearly stated that the position is full time.

The ‘kicker’ is this statement, “Compensation: No immediate compensation but opportunity for future employment based on performance and company achieving growth milestones [emphasis mine].”

Their concluding paragraph begins with their boldest statement, “Here, not only are we really doing no evil, we are doing some serious good!”

Rate Crimes exists to dispel the myth that the solar industry needs ‘kick-starting’; especially, by creatures who would ask you to labor for no substantial reward.

Beware of anything with both “clean” and “finance” in its name.

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