Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Oil Drum

The Oil Drum : Discussions about energy and our future

It’s been a busy few weeks.

Last week, Rate Crimes had its story, Rate Crimes: Impeding the Solar Tipping Point published on The Oil Drum, the renowned energy blog. Many thanks to the always extraordinary Robert Rapier of the R-Squared Energy Blog for posting the story on TOD and for previewing it on his blog.

Please visit TOD or R-Squared to read the article and the comments. You are invited to add any comments you may wish to share.

Other writings were submitted elsewhere. If they’re not picked up there, you will see them here on Rate Crimes.


  1. One of the best (certainly the easiest) arguments against nuclear in AZ to use when talking to legislators who want to support nuclear over solar is to just cite the APS resource plan which says that 2025 will be the earliest we will see new nuclear gen. On a side note I enjoy the blog. I am the Gov Relations director for American Solar. Shoot me a line sometime if you ever want to chat I can be reached through our website.

  2. In Conway’s Law of Big Energy I describe the APS Resource Plan as “a stale, unimaginative and uninspiring vision with myopic horizons.”

    Instead of planning for the looming energy shortages, the Arizona energy regime has repressed the value of Arizona’s greatest sustainable energy resource in order to gain short-term profit.