Thursday, May 21, 2009


Solar energy is increasingly recognized as being critically important to the future of our technological society and of our culture. The conversation at Rate Crimes exists to explain and to explore why solar energy is important to humanity; why the need for its rapid adoption is urgent; why the American Desert Southwest is central to achieving a rapid and widespread adoption; why the state of Arizona is particularly central to this goal; how a sustainable solar energy future has been, and continues to be delayed; and to expose one of the greatest, and heretofore unrecognized crimes of our time.

The central goal of this conversation is to bring transparency to the discussion of our energy future. The pertinent crime is that the discussion has been kept opaque for far too long. You are invited to join the conversation and help us to achieve clarity.

The conversation will primarily revolve around issues of technology, natural resources, politics, social policy, and economics. Economics will be the fulcrum on which sits the lever that will be this conversation.

We leave you with an image to ponder:

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